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Rhos Community Cafe
Registered Warm Hub

Rhos Community Cafe


Our Community cafe has worked as a registered charity for a number of years serving the local area. Most recently this support was needed to address food poverty in the form of a food bank that we set up within Capel Mawr.

The café has relaunched as a community hub and a well-being centre to house projects to help meet the needs of food poverty, isolation and social exclusion. Some of the projects will include support for; mental health awareness, well-being friendship groups, mindfulness and meditation, international groups, bereavement, spiritual support and healing sessions.

Warm Hub

During this season of extremely cold weather, you are welcome to come to the cafe, while it is open to keep warm. We have games and crafts available, also Wi-Fi access.

Opening Times

Opening times of the cafe are:

Monday to Friday10am to 3pm
Saturday 10-1pm 

We have a reasonable prices selections of luxury coffees, teas, toasties, bacon butties and more!

Warm Hub Activities

Cafe registered Warm Hub


Grace Lockhart is the Cafe Manager who also oversees the new Charity shop and the Food Bank, ably assisted by the cafe’s dedicated volunteers.

Grace, Cafe Manager

Grace, Cafe Manager